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Experienced Environmental Lawyer in Houston, Texas

In the area of environmental law, experience is very important. Attorney James E. Bradley has been representing people throughout Texas in complex environmental litigation for more than 20 years. Jim Bradley, a strategic thinker who is able to see the big picture, knows when to aggressively advocate for clients and when to be a patient mediator. He has developed a tenacious ability to facilitate helping parties come together to discuss important issues.

You can trust him to focus on achieving the results you need in an timely manner. He takes the time to patiently, yet thoroughly, communicate to clients. As an attorney who went to Augustana College and Southern Methodist University Law School, he has the skill and experience to handle your case with professional clarity and insightful guidance.

Over the years, he has developed into a strong communicator and thorough negotiator. He has the vigorous courtroom skills and professional demeanor necessary to put forward a compelling argument on your behalf.

To learn more about the background and accomplishments of James E. Bradley, visit his attorney profile and the testimonial page, both listed below.

Client and Attorney Testimonials for Jim Bradley